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YES! female and male brains are different!

For years people have tried to get women and men happy together through psychology, theories and even religion! 

Guess what? 

It never really worked (ask yourself why expensive couple therapies still exist!).


Here is a unique set of solutions designed for YOU!

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Discover the Quickest Way to improve your couple relationships... and 
Get what You want faster!

Deep inside yourself hides a survival instinct, the survival of our species, that pushes you to share your life with someone else. But this instinct isn’t the only driver ; you, humans, are a very social species, too. You can’t live alone.

But, even after centuries, millennia, women still can’t understand men, and men don’t have a clue about what is going on with women.

In this guide we have taken all the latest brain science and compiled it in simple tips and tricks you can use in your daily life!


Your Training

Knowing the evolution of the female and male brains, how each brain handles every situation and the main differences gives you all the information you need for your relationships happiness!

At Neuro Couple we did all the heavy lifting for you and created simple tips and tricks you can use in your daily life!

Don’t screw up your couple, don’t hurt your kids, get the dates you want! Become a couple warrior!

Join the Neuro Couple Membership Area: CLICK HERE to learn more about it. This is a membership access area only. The content is made of simple, applied science, lessons that you can use in your daily life. Each member can also post comments or questions in regards to a personal issue. A monthly Q&A session with Thomas is also included.

Starting at $1 for 1 Week!

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Enjoy your personal coaching sessions with Thomas. Book your session now and start applying the Neuro Couple lessons in the most efficient, private and personal possible way. 


Visit the Neuro Couple Facebook page: CLICK HERE to learn more about it. you will have access to daily videos (couple, dating, relationships …), short articles etc…

You can also join your friends in discussions and see their comments and questions. 

You aren’t alone out there!

Starting at $37!

Your Couple Warrior Private Sessions

This is only for the real Couple Warriors! 

Due to very limited slots we can only take the most motivated couples to the Couple Warrior and Couple Warrior Experts sessions. 

These sessions include the limo from the airport to your room in a sea side luxury hotel in the South of France or Ibiza, the trainings, the dinners and  activities (as a couple and as individuals) like massages.

Let us know why we should consider your couple, click on the button.

Starting at $997!

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