[:en]Why trust is important[:]

[:en]Before determining the steps to building trust in your relationship, it’s important to have a good understanding of why trust is so important to an ongoing, long-term and committed relationship. In the very first place, you can only truly love the person you trust.

Real love is built on trust.

Rationally you know that if your relationship is not built on trust, then you’ll not survive the rocky trials that are certain to come your way. Trust can fluctuate over time in any relationship as you go over the bumps in life. As you walk that journey together youíll find that it strengthens the foundation of your trust and your relationship

As humans we are emotional creatures and we put more emphasis on the feelings sometimes than the actual relationship that develops. Overtime we spend time, energy and trust in a relationship that we value. This also means that we use trust to gauge the relationship we’re in and reflects our ability to trust others in our life. If we can give our self to someone we trust, then it’s possible that the other person will love us back. However, without trust our hope of being loved back is slim.

Keep in mind that any decision you take is based on your emotions, and it’s the same for your partner.

When we have suffered a broken heart, it is trust that will allow us to love again. It takes time to heal and repair, but once healed, trust in another person will help you to learn to love again. We have to trust our children, our parents, animals and significant others in order to open our own self up to being vulnerable and experience a deepening relationship.

We also use how much trust we have in others to judge how much of ourselves we’ll give to someone else. How much we trust will determine how vulnerable we’ll allow ourselves to become. Relationships will often disintegrate or implode when you no longer trust the other person.

June and George were married for 10 years. They had 2 small children. In the past years they had survived the death of June’s parents in a car accident, George’s job loss and a couple of significant illnesses in the family. However, in the recent month’s June has noticed that George doesn’t come home from work when he should, he put a new password on his phone and he has a new email address he didn’t share with June. She knows in her heart that he’s cheating on her with another woman, but when we she confronted him he denied it. After a couple of months June packed up the children and left. She could no longer trust George with her emotions or her body.

Trust is integral to a strong relationship and to building new ones. If George has any intention of winning his wife and children back in his life he’ll have a long road ahead. Because, even though trust is built over a significant length of time, it can be broken in just a couple of minutes.

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