[:en]What women don’t tell: It’s ok to look[:]

[:en]Men are simple and straight forward creatures. Left to their own devices (without women in their lives) they may never get out of shorts or sweats, will watch ESPN all day and night and will spend their quality time watching women, mostly alone.

Guys don’t mind taking a good look at a well put together woman in public with their friends, but they prefer fantasy, lust and porn in the privacy of their own home… head.

And, believe it or not, most women know this. Somewhere deep inside, she knows that you are driven by what you see and not necessarily how you feel. If she truly understands this, she’ll dress up for you, spend time creating her own fantasy in your bedroom and make sure that she doesn’t strip off the make up until she’s stripping off her clothes.

Some women will also tell you that it’s fine with them if you look – just don’t touch. In other words, it’s fine if you look at the woman walking past you in the restaurant. It may even be ok for you to turn and watch her perfect little derriere walking away – or at least that’s what she SAYS.

She’ll say this because she thinks she has to. She’ll say it’s ok because she’s been told that you need that visual stimulation to keep you at her side. She also knows that you have to turn your head around to keep watching and analysing that potential “reproduction target”, first of all because your vision is a “hunter vision” and second because your brain is driven by reproduction needs. But, underneath all that understanding and peace, you are torturing her and she is miserable.

If she turned her head with every Adonis that walked in the restaurant, you would feel unsure and insecure in your relationship with her. But women aren’t built that way. She may appreciate a well put together male, but she doesn’t have the same visual appreciation that men do. She also has a major advantage: a wide angle vision allowing her to watch stuff on the sides without turning her head! However, she does feel just as bad, if not worse, than you would if she was looking at every hunk that walks in the door.

If you love her and appreciate your partner, then it’s time to keep your eyes in your head. We know that you see every woman that walks in the door – but we don’t want to see you seeing her.

Be You, Be Two, Be New![:]