[:en]What men want in a relationship: At the End of the Day[:]

[:en]At the end of a long day of slaying dragons your guy is looking for a little rest and relaxation at home.

The last thing he’s looking for in a relationship is coming home to arguments, frustration and an irritated woman. What do you do when your own day has been long and your partner’s day has been bad, and neither of you have an ounce of patience left for the other one?

In most cases, it’s one or the other who blows up first. It’s one or the other who starts off irritated. But, when you are a joy to come home to after a busy and stressed out day, you will be what he’s looking for and not who he’s trying to avoid. It’s important that you de-stress yourself and know how to release your own tension without taking them out on your partner.

The same is true for your partner – neither one of you gets a free pass.

At the end of the day you can show him how much you appreciate his presence in your life and how much you value him.

Little things mean a lot.

When you know it’s been a bad day, take the time to turn on his favorite show, make a nice dinner, rub his feet, draw him a bath but then go back to your own thing – ok I am being a bit extreme here but you get the point. When you pay attention when he walks through the door but also gives him time to decompress and become a reasonable human again.

At the end of the day men want to contribute to your life. It’s your job to be the best person you can be while allowing him to contribute to the decisions you make. Make sure that you count on him and if he doesn’t come through you don’t cover. Let it all come undone. Chances are that he missed the communication and didn’t mean for this to happen – men are very bad at communication and body language reading. However, when you cover for him, he’ll figure that his actions don’t matter and you’ve lost.

At the end of the day he’s the provider – in his brain! Of course you do provide too as many women do in the 21st century. If both of you have a different idea of what comfortable means then you’ll have to consider that he’s not your partner. When his idea of comfortable is your idea of poverty, then it’s probable you’ll end up fighting over this very definition.

Be You, Be Two, Be New