[:en]What Men Look for in their Date: Attraction[:]

[:en]Men are interesting creatures – trust me, I am one.

They say they want a committed relationship but it’s sometimes to figure out why they don’t commit. They enjoy the company of their women, but also love their time alone. They want to be respected but also enjoy being teased. Another interesting fact – they want to be in a long-term committed relationship where the passion and attraction doesn’t die.

There are a lot of ways to kill the attraction between two people. Some of these happen early in the relationship and others happen later, often because of changes in the brain chemistry. By discovering what does and doesn’t work, women have a better chance of interacting naturally without inadvertently killing the attraction.

1. Playfulness: Men love action and love to be active. Engage in some play activities that he enjoys, like horse riding, paintball, bowling, ping pong, basketball, tennis or anything else that he likes and you can try. Action increases his attraction for you. Because he will be able to relate to you!

2. Respect: Nothing kills a relationship and attraction faster than disrespect. Men crave respect from their significant others. When women disrespect them or emasculate them in front of others it produces a knot in the pit of his stomach that he can easily rid himself of when he gets rid of the source. Praise him when others can hear, listen to his opinion and take it when it makes sense in your life, and honor him for the work that he does in your life and the way he provides. Be very careful with the words you use as a simple “can you…” is already questioning his abilities, when you only want to ask him to do something.

3. Trying too hard: One sure way of killing the attraction he feels for you is by trying too hard to get him to like you or by acting as if you have a commitment from him when you don’t. Relax and allow the relationship to mature naturally. No relationship matures in an hour they way they do on television. It requires time, energy and time. Of course, if you’ve been waiting for a year for the relationship to move forward, then maybe it’s time for a talk.

4. Predictability: People who are predictable and do the same things day in and day out will get the same results. If you want to increase the attraction between you then it’s time to inject some un-predictability. If you normally go to dinner and movie on Friday evening, then go bowling or play putt-putt. Do you usually make Sunday lunch? Next Sunday pack a picnic and go to the park. Do something different and surprise him.

5. Trust, Trust, Trust: Men are attracted to people they can trust 100%. They trust that you care about them, don’t overspend, overeat or break his confidence with you. YOU are trustworthy, honest and authentic and watch the attraction grow. You have to belong to his “tribe”, men only trust people in their tribes.

Be You, Be Two, Be New,