[:en]What Men Look for In Relationship: Body Type[:]

[:en]Although it’s a bit superficial, there is some research and common sense behind why men choose certain body types as most attractive.

While women would like to discount a man’s interest in her body or her face, it can’t be denied. In our society, where obesity is at an all time high and Hollywood is airbrushing most of their models and actresses, men set their hopes on a size 4 but often date and marry a size 14. Unfortunately, once married, many women lose their desire to maintain their figure and health, suddenly ballooning to a size 20. When their men leave them they can’t understand why their figure was so important.

Men are visual creatures. This means that what they see is more attractive to them than what they hear or even possibly what is done FOR them. Men are sexually aroused by what they see while women are often more aroused by other aspects of the relationship. When a man sees his wife of 5 years suddenly become his mother, he loses interest.

In a study done in 2010, researchers found that men were attracted to body types and physical features that indicated the woman is fertile. Some of those features are the hip to waist ratio which should be 0.7 to be the most exciting. This number is from Western cultures, while other cultures may find the numerical equation is slightly higher or lower. Take the measurement of your waist and divide it by the measurement of your hips. That’s the magic number for your hips and waist.

If that ratio is below 0.6 then it can signal that the hips are not sufficiently wide to successfully carry children. Does that sound a bit archaic? It might feel old-fashioned or caveman, but it is an unconscious thing and men can’t control it – keep in mind that our brains (yes, yours too ladies) haven’t changed during the last 100.000 years. And, as much as you’d like to believe that we’ve ‘evolved’ as humans, there are basic instinctual drives that are still active and increase the potential that he’ll have off-spring.

There is also research to suggest that large eyes are appealing, not only because they are feminine but also because they are linked with long-term health and greater reproductive potential.

But, while you can’t control the shape of your eyes, mouth or distribution of fat over your waist and hips, you can maximize your good points and cover the other ones. Clothing can improve your waist to hip ratio and lip gloss can accent your mouth. Steer clear of glasses that reduce the size of your eyes and learn to apply makeup so they look bigger.

These are the tricks that improve your potential that men will approach you but won’t fool anyone after the clothes have come off and you’re getting up for breakfast in the morning.

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