[:en]What does emotional maturity look like[:]

[:en]Know what an emotionally immature person looks like is important so you can steer clear of the relational problems that go along with that scenario. But just as important is knowing what an emotionally mature person looks like so you can keep those character traits in your radar.

Dating is challenging enough without trying to sift through the people who are both interesting, interested and mature enough to handle the relationship. People who exhibit these traits or characteristics are more likely to be mature and ready to enter in to a strong emotional bond.

1. Responsibility
Men and women who are mature will accept responsibility for themselves, their behavior and for their life. They know that their job, money, happiness and family depend upon their own actions and not the actions of others. You don’t normally hear them say, “It’s not my fault.” It might not be their fault, but that is not often their go-to phrase.

2. Purpose
People who are mature have a purpose in life. They may not have figured out what that purpose is as yet, but they understand and believe that there is one. These are the people who give themselves to work, their family or a cause.

3. Relationships
People who are mature have close relationships with people other than their family. They are able to form bonds and keep commitments.

4. Expression
While it would be nice to believe that all mature people can express their feelings, this isn’t true. But, if a man can express his feelings he probably is emotionally mature. Mature people talk about what’s going on their heads and hearts without screaming, belittling or having an emotional outburst. We all lose control once in a while, but someone who does it more than once every 6 months isn’t ready to develop a deep relationship with you.

5. Decisions
Decision making can be difficult or a challenge. Once a decision is made, often you have to face the results or the consequences. Mature people are able to do that. They don’t waffle about what to do, stress out or ask 14 people for advice. They get the right information, consider it and make a decision.[:]