[:en]What a Man Looks for in a Relationship: Personality[:]

[:en]Men may be first attracted to a woman because of her physical features, he stays with her because of her personality.

Real men want women who are emotionally mature and able to maintain a strong relationship.

While they may enjoy hooking up for a one night stand with a woman who can’t string five words together and has a body “built for sin,” she won’t be going home with him to meet his mother nor will he walk her down the aisle. The looks of a woman have a serious impact on what they trigger in the male’s brain. Dress like a “one night stand” and you will be perceived as such and not be “qualified” as one to share a relationship and build a family with. Dress like a nun and you won’t increase his testosterone levels!

Men want women who are emotionally mature and can handle most situations.

When arguments and disagreements arise, and they always will, it helps him to know that you’ll act and not react. He’ll be more comfortable and willing to open up to women who can handle themselves and won’t blow up at the slightest excuse. A mature woman will not blame someone else for their behavior and will work with him to find a solution instead of pointing the finger and playing the blame game.

A mature woman will share her feelings without criticizing her guy. She’ll be honest and authentic without being critical or snippy. When a woman throws a few temper tantrums or lets her feelings get out of control, it’s as much a red flag for him as that same trait is a red flag for her.

Men enjoy women who have a great sense of humor.

She doesn’t have to be the comedian, but it really helps when she can throw a few zingers back at him, be playful, sarcastic (in a FUN way!) and enjoys his sense of humor. At this point it’s important not to FAKE your engagement with his sense of humor. If you don’t like his jokes now, you won’t like them after you’re married. Instead they will become a bone of contention.

Women who are sexually healthy and available are also attractive. Before you can enter into a long term relationship with a man, it’s important that you heal from all your past brokenness and abuse. It is not ok to resign yourself to your past. This is the time to face what happened so it doesn’t cloud your future. Thankfully, in the past fifty years or so the world has been blessed with an education about how our past affects our present behavior and future possibilities.

Your physical and emotional health is important to developing a strong relationship, and your sexual health is one of those factors. It’s also a strong factor in your personality. By the way, did you know that your brain scans for your partners health and potential future during the first kiss?

How you embrace your own sexuality and femininity is important to the development of your personality. So open up to the possibility that you can enjoy your future and your life, with the man of your dreams.

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