[:en]The Clock is Ticking[:]

[:en]One of her little red flags that often send men running for cover is the woman who is desperate to find a baby daddy. Her biological clock is ticking and she knows it. She may have put off developing a relationship while developing her career and now, as she watches the calendar, she knows her eggs are aging and it won’t be long before Mother Nature puts a stop sign in front of her baby dreams.

One reason we seem to be on earth, this definitely isn’t the most scientific topic I’ll ever write, has to do we the specie survival. You’re alive to keep Humans growing … But let’s get back to the baby race!

One reason men run for cover is because they don’t have the same biological clock running in the background (men are fertile till the end) and want to be loved and adored for themselves and not as a walking sperm bank. Another reason is that woman who desperately want that family usually want one immediately, and the guy just might not be on the same path.

Interestingly this can drive women to make poor decisions when it comes to select the right partner. Just as it happened to a friend of mine. The dad of her kids is definitely a great looking guy. But they broke-up … once the kids were old enough for her to take care of them herself. Her new partner has nothing to do with “great body guy”.

However, men may find that if they can put aside her desire for a family and really look at WHO she is, they may find that they are passing over a really great woman because of their fear of getting in too deep too quickly with someone.

Be authentic and transparent up front with these women. Men will often report that they turn and run because they aren’t sure if they want children and when. So, instead of ‘wasting’ her time, they opt to walk away. It would be smart to give her the chance to decide as well. If you think she’s cute, nice and an all-around fun person, then it’s in your own best interest guys, to tell her exactly what your own thoughts are.