[:en]A broken heart may trigger you to stay alone and lonely but repairing that heart requires that you get out of your shell and out of the house. One of the strategies that therapists use to improve the mood and emotional health of their patients is to get them socializing and networking with other people

As humans, we were designed to interact with others, connect with other people and be in a community of other people. However, with the growth and development of digital communication and media, many of us are bound to our phones, tablets and computers. We forgo real relationships and experiences for gaming, texting, Skyping, and video chatting. Sometimes we will even text our family in the next room!

To help your brain reduce the chemicals that increase your depression, it’s time to get out of the house and network with other PEOPLE.

You don’t need more friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

You don’t need a higher score on Instagram or more views on the video channel.

What you do need is real human interaction will real humans. This is a time in life when you are more apt to feel alone and unloved – and it is a time when you need to not be alone and recognize that you are loved, appreciated and valued.

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals in your geographical area. If you love to go jogging, contact your local running store and find a group that goes running every week – now join them. Join a singles group at your church or a support group for people who have experienced something similar to what you have.

Look at your local recreational center, church, bulletin board or your current friends. These are people and places where people are already hanging out and developing group relationships. Some churches have small groups where you can share your pain and also help others through their issues.

Another way to connect with others is to get a pet. If your lifestyle and situation will allow, think about adopting a kitten or a dog. If a permanent solution is not something you want to consider, think about doing foster care for a dog or cat for the local pound. Animals can be a lot of work, but they also give a lot of love back. When you have a lot of love to give and there are no current takers, your pet will love your attention.

Do never get rid of your pet once you feel better, this isn’t a toy!

If you have a dog you’ll also network with others at the local dog park with other people who love their four-legged furry friends. This networking takes you out of your shell and offers you the opportunity to fall in love again. You might think that you’ll never fall in love again, but you will. You’ll need to give your heart time to heal, but when it does you’ll suddenly look around and realize that someone great is in your life and you’ve fallen in love all over again.

Beware that, what I call “transition relationships”, are just that … a transition, use these to heal and move forward![:]