Let me be honest!

All you read coming from Neuro Couple is written to help you grow, to help you be a better you, to help you be happy as a person and as the part of a couple, be in a relationship.
Why would someone do that? Why would someone want to help other people in a world where we are all getting more and more prisoners of our selves?
The more communication tools we have the more alone we feel.
It took me years to stop being a self-centred person, trust me! I wasn’t born being the guy who wants to help others. No.
Having being successful with my studies and my career I spent more time trying to have fun for myself than caring about others. Well, it drove me to a first divorce and made things tough with my second wife.
But when you learn a lot you get the feeling that there comes a time you have to share! You have to help others, you need to have a dream! Shoot for the stars and you will get the moon as my mom said.
My stars are the smiles I get from people who feel better, who are more passionate together, who … start smiling again!
This is my drive! This is why I founded Neuro Couple and will keep fighting for you, for your smile!
Be You, Be Two, Be New,