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[:en]The language of love is not just sex. In fact, each of us has a different language that communicates that our partner loves us. For some people they understand that the other loves them when they spend quality time together, speak words of affirmation, give gifts, receive physical touch or are the recipient of acts of service. These are the five love languages proposed by Dr. G. Chapman as the general categories of language that people interpret as love.

However, no matter which language you choose from the ones listed above,

Each language includes spending time with the other person.

We all love being with the one we love. It’s how we spend that time together that makes our hearts flutter and our stomach do flip-flops. For some of us, we love it when our special someone gives us a gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. In fact, it’s better when they aren’t expensive. Search for something that is special to your special someone – a wild flower on your way home, a small piece of candy or a special picture you took that reminded you of her. Personally I do often collect some flower when I go running or mountain biking. And she loves it 🙂

Sometimes the language of love that our partner speaks is not comfortable for us. We would rather tell them how well they are doing than to spend time sitting down every day. We’d rather do the dishes than to hold their hand. But, no matter what the language that your partner speaks, it is incredibly important that you learn to speak it.

Without feeling loved, your partner soon begins to believe that you don’t care.

It won’t matter that you do care, or that you would lay down your life for them. All that matters is their perception of how they feel when they are with you. If they don’t feel as if you care, then it won’t matter how much you care – because in their eyes, you don’t.

These love languages are not difficult to understand but they may be a challenge to you to perform. It is important to recognize not only your partner’s language but also your own. Only after the two of you feel as if you are a couple, loved and being loved can you develop strong emotional and physical bonds that will keep you together through the coming decades.

Be You, Be Two, Be New

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