Isolation Life

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Something really interesting happens when you’re forced to slow down.  One thing, you get creative.  Boredom can also stoke creativity.

As the new social distancing way of life rolls into the third week, I’m noticing myself doing things differently as I move around in my home.  The pressure to be anywhere isn’t there.  I’m taking my time to the dishes in the sink without preoccupation with the other things I should be doing.  Items on the bottom of my “I’d like to do that but I never get around to it” list, like art and baking, are actually happening.  And humor is more important to me than ever.  We all need it.

On Twitter, there is a hashtag making the rounds called #IsolationLife and people from all over the world are sharing things they are doing (or even thoughts they are having) while in self-quarantine.  It’s clear people are stretching themselves, finding silver linings, in contemplation and using loads of humor to get through this thing.

Enjoy some  #IsolationLife tweets (the first one is mine):

“I read a study about the benefits of doing art “even if you suck at it” so I drew the Redwood trees behind my house.”

“I am my grey sweatpants. My grey sweatpants are me.”

“I sorted out the socks drawer today.”

“This week and my 11yo son has steaks on the griddle having made an Italian meringue and fruit compote for dessert!”

“Bought some slippers online.”

“I made soup. It will never happen again!”

“Seeing as we’re on lockdown until June I’ve started to teach my cat how to drive. All he needs now is to learn how to read a map to Sainsbury’s!”

“God I’m bored. Started spying on my neighbours like Jimmy Stewart in the Hitchcock film ‘Rear Window’…but no murders of dodgy doings to see. Just mutually bored people looking back and spying on me.”

“Made 4 different cold brew coffees from @PeetsCoffee and Stone Street Coffee and did blind taste tests with my hubby.”

“I have farted on the Guinea pigs. They looked stunned by the sudden turn of events and did not move for at least twelve minutes.”

“5 hours later and the study is clean and organised didn’t get round to gutting the studio but I did make pilau rice and sag aloo from scratch.”

“Decided to Rock, Paper, Scissors over who gets to read the electric and gas metres.”

“4-year-old has fully embraced #IsolationLife and is dancing in front of the telly butt-naked. Be like Freddie, guys.”

“How bored am I? I willingly just re-organised a Kitchen Cupboard.”

“River and cliff walk in lovely seclusion.”

“2nd workout in the makeshift gym. Equipment: 15kg barbell, small free weights, exercise mat made from spare carpet, water, music. Feel much better getting back into a regular fitness routine, even though my body hurts! ”

“Pets, dancing, musical instruments, baking… just some of the ways we are entertaining ourselves during this time.”

“Most excitement in a while just happened, a helicopter flew over and I could see all the people on my block out on their back decks, looking up!”

“I decided to sit in the bath tub the wrong way round.”

“So I made a spreadsheet of when to sow/plant out various seeds and got on with starting some of them today!”

“Enjoying a nice glass of wine after a day of not leaving my bed and after getting through the worst of my hangover.”

“Hanging out with the pigs today. Hope you’re enjoying your day.”

“Now is a good as time as ever to discover unreleased music.”

“Learning comes in all forms! I’m using this time to learn about yeast! #bagels”

“Just pulled something in my hip while dancing to The Simpson’s theme.”

“I cut my own hair today! I look stupid. Good thing I don’t do anything anymore.”

“Time to edit the unchosen photos from my stash.”

“My housemates suddenly acknowledging me when they see I’ve put pie ingredients on the counter. And by housemates, I mean my children.”

“Just went for a ‘2.5 mile’ jog up and down the length of the balcony. Was the first 30 minutes of excercise I’ve felt up to in the last 9 days. Feel great now.”

“I finally got around to organising all my phone apps into tidy folders across just two screens in my phone. I feel like I have won today in isolation.”

“Playing scrabble and just dropped a full 7 tiles to go out and win the game by 2 points. BOOM! the word master strikes!”

This is a reminder that people can be incredibly creative and resilient, even in the toughest of times.  As we continue in our #IsolationLife I will continue to add tweets to this list.  Please check back for more ideas of ways to entertain yourselves at home.

Or at the very least have a good chuckle.

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