How to flirt with your man

Flirting may be fun and it may come naturally to some but to others flirting can feel like learning another language. And to make things more complicated men and women interpret flirting differently. So what may be flirting to women may not be flirting to men.

So how do we flirt with men that is meaningful, fun and will catch us the prize weíre after?

Men actually LOVE it when women flirt with them. The experience of playful teasing, eye contact and the unexpected keep most men intrigued and interested for the length of most conversations.

And flirting is flattering. Women indicate their interest even when that interest may not be romantic in nature. Women who flirt well know how to make the other person feel very special without any expectation of returned compliments.

If you’d like to improve your flirting skills here are several tips that will give you the mindset and skills you need.

1. There is an art to flirting which involves three special characteristics. It must have some humor or wit, there should be some risk and there will be a display of interest in the other person. You can’t be serious and flirting at the same time. Flirting, by definition, means you are playful and complementary, not serious.

2. Men want to see your daring side. It may feel a bit uncomfortable to the new flirt but it is rewarding. Taking risks may also mean getting your feelings hurt ñ but when those hurt feelings are from men you donít know and who donít know you the benefits far outweigh the risks.

3. Don’t take any rejection personally. Flirting takes practice and you’ll never practice if you see this in terms of success and failure. Instead, this is a way for you to give a compliment to someone without expecting anything in return. If the stranger doesn’t wink back or you don’t get a response to your comment it’s not devastating. When you flirt you are offering the possibility of a connection, and if they aren’t interested then you can simply offer it to the next person.

4. Most men have a good sense of humor. They enjoy a joke or anecdote that relates to the immediate situation or something you may share in common. Talk about things that interest him, or the both of you. This shows him you have some concern and interest.

5. The best flirts practice and practice. You’ll never get it completely right if the only time you practice is on guys you find attractive. Any skill takes practice and flirting is a skill. Flirt with your waiter at the coffee shop, the bus driver, the man standing in line with you or the guy in the seat next to you. Be wary of flirting with men at work or those who are married. When you flirt daily you’ll find that flirting with your date is second nature. And you’ll find it easier to strike up a conversation with strangers.

6. Make eye contact! Men are visual creatures and respond best when their vision is engaged. Keep the contact short. Hold his eyes for a beat or two then look away and then back again. If you want, include a smile. Continue to smile while looking down and then back again. This shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds or he’ll run away wondering about the crazed grinning fool at the subway station.

7. Watch the body language when you’re flirting. People who enjoy each other’s company will unintentionally mimic each otherís actions. When you lean forward he’ll lean forward. If he crosses his legs so will you. If you feel a connection then you can help things along by very subtly adjusting your movements to mimic his. But subtly is the key. Donít overdo it!

8. Leave early. Men are hardwired to hunt or chase. If you leave them early and they are interested they are more likely to chase you down. Leaving early gives them the impression you are hot, desirable and have a life outside of your conversation with them. They had better act fast before someone else scoops you up.

Flirting means you are showing someone your daring and mischievous side while complementing them and showing interest. It’s fun, exciting and can be rewarding when you find the guy who may be the catch you’ve been waiting for.

As you can see, eve though men seem to be simple creatures, there is a lot that comes into play when you are building a relationship, you can learn it in THIS training.

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