How to Flirt With A Woman

Flirtation is a response in the brain to behavior exhibited by the opposite sex. The female flirt will be more subtle that the male, so it’s important for the man to tune into the subtle cues that sheíll be sending out to let you know she’s interested. Women will smile, nod, show a little leg or smile and look away.

When a man can understand the response in the brain to flirting they’ll have an advantage over other men to engage on the woman’s level rather than approaching women as a covert operation to get naked. Women find overt and obvious sexual innuendo to be obnoxious and unattractive. While big slaps on the back may work at the game with the guys, women need a more subtle approach.

Keep your body contact to a minimum. Nothing is more powerful than a well-timed body contact that doesn’t appear to be an accident and doesn’t involve touching private areas on the body. If you over do this the woman will think you are creepy and maybe a bit psycho. Instead, reserve this for times when you are already touching, such as putting on her coat at the end of the evening. Pulling her hair out from under the coat is subtle but sensual, and she will notice. Bumping hands as you are out walking or playfully pushing are other ways to include body contact without becoming overbearing.

Avoid playing the mystery man who is strong and silent but distant. It won’t be long before she thinks you are just creepy. Boring holes into the backs of the heads of men who have approached your woman won’t make your case either. Using this technique gives you a limited window of opportunity before you either have to talk with her or she’ll report you to the police for stalking.

Don’t be over confident! If you know all the right words and exactly what to say, you really just come across as a player : someone who is interested in getting her into bed and disappears the next morning. Flirting, instead, should be a means to getting to know her. She isn’t a conquest or a sport : she is a person who has a lot to offer given the chance. A one night stand isn’t being a man, it’s being a louse.

Don’t spread yourself too thin, either offline or online. Women talk. With their friends, strangers, in forums or in the bathrooms. If you find a girl who interests you then concentrate your efforts on her. If it doesn’t work out then being online allows you to move on to another prospect in the same site but being offline means you’d probably better move along to the next bar. Women will be extremely wary of a man who she has seen with other women. They question why, if you are such a catch, the other women turned you away? What is it that the other women saw that made them uneasy about talking with you?

You may be a master at the game of flirting but if you are looking for an audience of more than one then you are just amusing yourself and not interested in any woman. Women will sense this and before you know it you’ll be known as the guy to avoid.

Use her brain to succeed in your flirt, learn how to do that HERE!

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