[:en]Bad Relationship History[:]

[:en]Women and men can have a history of hopping from one relationship to another, always having had problems with the other person. You may find that she complains about her ex-boyfriends. . . ALL her ex-boyfriends. It is impossible that all her exes were jerks, impossible, uncompromising and irresponsible or deadbeats.

As one says, if everyone is a problem … maybe …. you are the problem!

What is possible is that either she unwittingly chooses these guys or she chooses to categorize all guys this way because of the baggage she is carrying with her from past hurts. It may not have been that all her relationships would have been bad if she was a whole person when she entered the relationship in the first place.

It should also be noted that most relationships don’t slide downhill because of one person. Almost certainly she had a hand in the deterioration of these romantic entanglements. You have probably met people who were fired because their boss didn’t like them or their professor was out to get them. One time this might have happened, but to have happened multiple times in the same person’s life is highly unlikely.

Another similar situation is a woman who has a bad relationship with her family. Have you heard the expression that the “apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree”? Most of the time this is very true. In some circumstances it isn’t and it’s up to you to determine if this is one of those circumstances.

Watch how she interacts with her own family. Although you are probably there for them to meet you – it is also time for you to evaluate them. Being at home with her family, she’ll probably relax and let her guard down completely. This is also where you’ll see the real person.

If she is warm and caring with her family that is probably the person she is and will always be. If she is cold and distant you may find this same level of hostility over the years as your relationship matures.

Look out if her family is just plain nuts or abusive. This might be the reason she is distant and it might be an indication of what is to come in your own future. If you’ve come so far as to meet the family, then you can also broach the subject about their interactions and your hope for a stable and peaceful future.

Bad past relationships can be extra baggage she carries with her into your relationship, or it just might be that she has been the unluckiest woman yet. It’s up to you to decide your own course of action and your own future.[:]