Is there a Brain 

in Your Couple ?

​​The Ultimate Guide to

YOUR Couple Relationships

release date:  March 14, 2018

A fully new guide to help you succeed in your couple with daily usable Tips and Tricks directly from your brain!
  • Do you want to be happy in your Relationship?
  • Do you want to understand the other gender to get what you want?
  • Do you want to save time and money?
  • Do you want learn daily Tips and Tricks to enjoy your Relationships?

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In The Book, You Will Discover:

Communication? Really?

You are in love but just can't figure out why it's so complex to have a calm and quiet conversation. How comes you always end-up having an argument? Your brain is the culprit! ​

Learn how you can succeed in this book!


70% of all existing couples will break-up!

How comes that after so many years of therapies, theories, and of money and time wasted this number doesn't go down?

Are you willing to belong to the 30% of successful couples?

Learn how in this book!

Your Eyes, Your Brain

He's staring at other women all the time?

She's always talking about things you can't see?

Not only aren't your brains configured in the same way but  your too! And this, once more drives your relationship into pain!

Learn how to avoid pain in this book!

Brain and Sex

Intimate relationshionships are dramatically driven by your brain's evolutions and wiring! Here again you and your partner brains don't have the same objectives. 

Learn the tips and tricks for better sex in this book!

About the Author: Thomas Trautmann Ph.D

After having graduated as an Engineer and done his Ph.D thesis in the Artificial Neural Networks area, Thomas grew his knowledge on people's behaviours till he became a certified NeuroMarketing - the science of persuasion - instructor. As a husband and father he did experience a wide variety of relationships. Some unsuccessful and some very happy. Noticing that couple relationships' success is fully based on the human brain, your brain he founded Neuro Couple and the Couple Warrior Concept. 

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What People Are Saying


Régine C.F

“As much as we get taught a lot during childhood, as much we know nothing about the couple … and this is where Neuro Couple helps … couples but also singles. Neuro Couple gives us the keys to this mystery: the couple, for both men and women. Aside the knowledge, the personal thinking “of course, that’s it!” (getting conscious of one’s own mistakes), Neuro Couple shares this knowledge in a friendly and happy way ”

Alessandro V.

Joining Neuro Couple was a nice surprise to me ... The way ideas, information, stories are mixed and communicated in different steps makes not only very friendly the reading, but the stronger the understanding of the topics themselves.

It is up to me to translate those tips and readings, into a more effective approach and behaviour towards my mate. I will keep entering the group every evening, because I found out that is much more worth to, than I expected when I joined

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