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How to be Happy in your Couple without wasting Time!

Do you want to have a happy couple relationship? Do you want to have your dream relationship? Do you want to be happy?

Easy to Use

Courses are broken down in easy to follow lessons.


Courses are viewable on screens of all shapes and sizes.


Courses are broken down in easy to follow lessons.

What You Will Learn

  • Brain Basics - Female and Male Brain differences
  • Emotions in your Couple
  • Communication in your couple
  • Doing House Chores = Gain!
  • Parents are Brain driven
  • Do you have the right resources
  • Dating Success Tips
  • Sex on the Brain


Learn to become a couple warrior! 

Your brains hold the secrets to your successful relationships. This unique training is handing them over to you in a simple way you can use in your daily life!


Neuro Couple gives us the keys to this mystery: the couple ...

I am a Neuro Couple Group member for 3 weeks now, the group was funded by Thomas who I know for some years. His passion for neurosciences made him decide to share his knowledge for the couple. As much as we get taught a lot during childhood, as much we know nothing about the couple … and this is where Neuro Couple helps … couples but also singles. Neuro Couple gives us the keys to this mystery: the couple, for both men and women. Aside the knowledge, the personal thinking "of course, that's it!" (getting conscious of one's own mistakes), Neuro Couple shares this knowledge in a friendly and happy way … By the way, humour or love in the couple? Thomas? A reply in a future post?


Joining Neuro Couple was a nice surprise to me ...

Joining Neuro Couple was a nice surprise to me.
I do not really remember how it started, but as long as I kept reading the themes our coach was sharing with us, I had the feeling that something which I already knew, and forgotten long ago, was coming back to my awareness.
It's a mix of remembrance of known concepts and new pieces of information, that works as a catalyst for reflection, thoughts, and ... action.
The way ideas, information, stories are mixed and communicated in different steps makes not only very friendly the reading, but the stronger the understanding of the topics themselves.
It is up to me to translate those tips and readings, into a more effective approach and behaviour towards my mate.
I will keep entering the group every evening, because I found out that is much more worth to, than I expected when I joined.



Q : Is this for me?

A : No it isn't if you don't care about being happy in your relationships! Now, if you don't want to belong to the 70% of current couples who will break-up, then this is for you!

Q : Brain science sounds very complex! 

A : Of course brain science is complex! But I did all the heavy lifting for you. From Neuroscience to evolutionary psychology, through socio-biology and much more. I have compiled this science and real life experience to extract simple tips and tricks you will be able to use in your daily life.

Q : Will my partner notice? 

A : Of course! Because you will be the person your partner fell in love with! Any other method will ask you to become someone else, to "change"! Here it's all about understanding what drives your relationship ... your brains ... and how to use the brain secrets to Be You, Be Two, Be New.

Q : Should I share this with my partner?

A : Yes you should! Because hiding something from your partner isn't the way to go to create a happy relationship. Your brain has a way to deal with your relationship that is very different from your partner's one! You both should know how the other one works.

Q : Is this manipulation?

A : Not at all! This is very ethical! You'll never get what your partner doesn't want! Because her/his brain is her/his survival tool and does what it has to survive and don't feel pain!

About the Author : Dr. Thomas Trautmann

My mom once told me that you should have the highest possible dreams and fight for those. If you reach only half of these you will be happy.

This is how I drive my life. This is how happy people drive theirs.

Whatever that dream may be in your mind… Whether it’s unlimited time with your family, a new house, the chance to be yourself, to have fun, or change the future of mankind through your ideas…

Hi, my name is Thomas Trautmann and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. My mission, and my purpose is to empower those who want to have fun in their personal and professional life, and change the world for the better.

The brain is my passion, your smile is my fuel.

70% of all couples break-up!

If you don't act fast and learn how to deal with your partner's brain you will join the 70%! Do you prefer to be part of the successful Couple Warriors?

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