Do Pick Up Lines Really Work?

It’s interesting that after all the corny pick up lines used in bars and movies men and women continue to gravitate toward using something that has been proven to be highly ineffective.

According to a study done at the University of Chicago there isn’t a pick up line that really works. Instead both men and women respond more positively to people who let their guard down a bit and are honest in their approach to the opposite sex.

However, that also depends upon how you define a pick up line.

If your idea of a pick up line are the classics “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” or “Come here often?” then you are in sad trouble.

But, if your definition of a pick up line is several standardized approaches that are more modern and less corny, then pick up lines may be just what you are looking for.

Unfortunately many people, faced with feelings of rejection, use lines that are crude and insulting. Even worse are pick up lines used in online dating since the added advantage of body language is not available. And you know how much body language and facial expressions are key to your success … READ MORE HERE!

Studies have shown that men and women who use a brief hello and introduction as they are leaving an event are more likely to have more positive results than those people who deliver a line that has been done and over done.

In person, an introduction such as, “Hi, my name is Jessica and I just wanted to introduce myself to you.” is appropriate. Hand the person your phone number and leave with a smile on your face. Even if the person doesn’t call, you have an open invitation to talk to them the next time you see them.

The purpose of a pickup line is to initiate conversation. But since research shows that standard lines do just the opposite both men and women would be best served by just being themselves.

Research also shows that when women are approached by men using a pick up line they immediately pigeon hole the man into one of four categories : either friendly and considerate, fickle and conceited, confident and strong or industrious and enterprising.

Unless you want to be pigeon holed or categorized, stick with using introductions that show a real interest in the person you want to meet. When you realize that pickup lines are designed only to start a conversation, you can probably find a conversation starter that is much more original and less abrasive than the old standards.

For instance, you can use the introduction described above. Or you can approach the other person with a comment about the particular event you are currently attending. Online, you have a distinct advantage because you have access to their personality profile and more time than what you would have at a bar or social event.

Look through their profile to find a point at which you can connect. If they enjoy horseback riding send them a private message with a comment about how you enjoy the same activity, with a quick introduction. Your goal is to intrigue them enough to read your profile.

That is the online conversation starter.

Be You, Be Two, Be New,