Crisis and Recovery

In any relationship – with your partner, brother, mother or friend – there are stages. And, one of those important stages, is crisis and recovery.

Trust me, even though I know the secrets your brain hides from you and even wrote a full book about these to give you the best tips and tricks for happy relationships, even I have crisis in my couple relationship!

Anytime you are close with someone there will be disagreements – about how you said something, what they said, a decision made, a dinner burned, a job turned down. It won’t matter the reason, there will be disagreements, which can lead to crisis. Sometimes crisis leads to recovery and at other times it leads to a destroyed and damaged relationship.

The choice is yours.

The choice always lies in your court. Your partner may not make the same choice, but in order to walk out an effective recovery you both must eventually be on board. A crisis in a marriage can be triggered by infidelity, loss of interest, freezing your partner out emotionally, or an abusive situation. That crisis will often have emotional symptoms with physical signs.

Crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger which leaves the couple feeling helpless, out of control and out of balance. During crisis couples tend to withdraw from each other, build walls around intimacy, withdraw from sex and make decisions without consulting the other person.

Crisis is easy enough to identify, but difficult to get out of. Recovery is an active process that is a challenge and sometimes an obstacle which is too large for the couple to overcome. In other words, these emotional issues are difficult to deal with but realistically solvable when given the time and chance, and knowing the TIPS AND TRICKS!.

One of the tricks to recovering is to let go. It may feel counter-intuitive to let go of the very person you are afraid of losing, but let go you must to give them the choice of coming back.

Space and time often give us perspective that we wouldn’t otherwise have. The ability to let go of the past doesn’t come easily but must be done to work through recovery. And, letting go of past hurts is difficult to do when the object of that hurt is demanding that you stay in one place and WORK THIS OUT!

Instead, give each other the space and time you both need to create a better and stronger relationship that is built on trust, faith and commitment to each other.

Be You, Be Two, Be New,