Couple Brain Miscommunication

Everyone knows it : women and men don’t communicate the same way.

It’s not just about body language but also about words, simple words.

The female and male human brains aren’t wired the same way and, because of that, don’t use language the same way, which is a real couple problem.

Both the woman and the man think their partner isn’t listening. When in fact it’s just that she or he doesn’t get the same message.

Female brains use the whole brain to handle language and as such don’t really have a language specific area. This implies that the vocabulary used by women is more generic than the men’s one.

Why? Because the male brain is mostly using the left hemisphere to manage language. This means that, by using less brain power, it requires to be more precise when it comes to vocabulary.

By the way the fact that only that part is used has an interesting side effect … men also use the left side of the brain to focus on physical pleasure … which means that a man is mainly quiet when doing it, while a woman likes to talk and often asks “say something ….”.

Back to communication …

When your wife/gf/partner says “can you fix this ?” it means for your male brain, precisely, do you have the knowledge/ability to fix this. Of course you have it. You feel pissed she doubts it … and she gets pissed because you don’t move … being generic her brain goes for the global meaning of that sentence which is in fact “I need your help and would be happy if you could fix this now”.

Works the other way round too … of course.

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