[:en]Relationships are difficult to navigate, even when you’re an expert or have had years of good experience.

Each day is a new adventure. Each day we have the opportunity to make strong decisions or fall into old habits. Either decision will have consequences on your relationships, your health, your job and your family. It takes some persistence and consistency to change the way in which you interact with others, especially your partner.

Use these tips to make your communications skill shine and develop a stronger relationship that will last for years to come.

Each of us is a bit different in the way we communication and how we receive information. You will respond to environmental cues differently than your partner. You may find visual cues easier to read while your partner appreciates audio/sound or touch. It’s important that you take time to figure out how your partner responds and how you can integrate those cues into your communication with them. If your partner enjoys spending time with you after a stressful day at work but you’d rather go for a long walk, you’ll have to find a compromise that works for the both of you. You can walk and talk or do both when you are both stressed on the same night. But, you have to acknowledge your partner’s communication needs.

Keep in Mind that both your brains have had a lot of different stimuli and emotions over the past and have stored the information in very different ways. Your brains will also react completely differently to a given situation.

So much of what we say, we don’t really ‘say.’ Our body speak a language that can sometimes communicate a different message than what our mouths say. Watch out for your own body cues and watch your partner’s. You may discover something entirely different than what is being said.

Remember that your partner can’t read your mind. You might think they can because you’ve been together so long or because they have in the past, but they really can’t. They may have an idea about what’s going on in your life, but it is healthier and safer to communicate it to your partner using words. Get in the habit of communicating your own needs and desires so it’s easier when the going gets rough between you.

Watch out for the things that trigger stress in your life.

When you are stressed out it can create a problem in your communication with your partner, your boss and anyone else who gets in your way.

It is important to stay calm and focused when you’re talking to your partner.

It increases your ability to speak effectively and reliably. You might think that your relationship is stable and strong – especially if you haven’t had any disagreements in the past months. However, you might find with the next disagreement that your idyllic relationship isn’t so idyllic.

Your ability to communicate with your partner is key to your relationship. In fact, there is a whole medical practice built on the premise that we don’t always get it right – and building strong relationships means we must get it right. Luckily you do now have access to the latest brain science to improve your communication skills.

Be You, Be Two, Be New

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