Communication is key to your relationship.

Whether it is the one with your daughter, son, mother, brother, sister, father or partner . . . communication is the key to developing, keeping and growing a relationship. It is also the basis of growing trust in your relationship.

Trust is an important factor to any relationship, but especially with your partner. You can live with friends and relatives you can’t trust, but you will soon lose your feelings of love for the partner you don’t trust. You may understand that your sister or friend are not trustworthy and therefore should only be given certain tasks in your relationship, but a partner you don’t trust will be difficult to have sex with, trust your finances with, your future with or your emotional health with.

Building trust takes time and effort – both of which happen through the factor of communication. You’ll build trust by doing exactly what you SAY, TELLING the truth and being honest in your feelings. You’ll be communicating your love, desire and trustworthiness through expressions of yourself in verbal and written communication and through gifts. Each of these is a method of communication and each is necessary to build trust.

Trust is a brain process using Oxytocin, the more of it you generate the more trust there will be!

Do NOT just rely on digital communication. Although text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls and video communication are great assets that augment your relationship, they should never be the basis for communication. When you talk with each other face-to-face it build security in your relationship and makes working through disagreements and arguments that much easier.

Your brain needs to read body language and digital tools don’t offer this! You’ll lose a great deal on information if you use these only.

Spend a little time slowly sharing more about yourself and your life. Aim for balance between what you share and how much they share. Trust is not built between two people if only one person shares their story.

One aspect of communication is the art and skill of apologizing for a wrong that was done to your partner. When you make a mistake or disappoint your partner, take full responsibility and authentically communicate your sincere remorse. Sincerity from the heart goes a long way toward building trust that although mistakes will be made, as they are in any relationship, when they happen you will take responsibility and apologize.

Practicing forgiveness is another means of communicating your desire to build trust and your movement in that direction. When you let go of a hurt or pain after they have injured you and sincerely apologized, will build trust between you in an important way. It is very important to recognize that no one person or relationship is perfect. There will always be disagreements and arguments – it is how you handle those issues that makes the difference in your future.

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