Brain differences and panic …

The two hemispheres of a woman’s brain talk to each other more than a man’s do. In a 2014 study, University of Pennsylvania researchers imaged the brains of 428 male and 521 female youths — an uncharacteristically huge sample — and found that the females’ brains consistently showed more strongly coordinated activity between hemispheres, while the males’ brain activity was more tightly coordinated within local brain regions.

Does this mean that one gender is smarter than the other one? Not at all but it shows that each one has specific functionalities and way to react and deal with various types of information.

From an evolutionary stand point this is great as both genders come with various ways to help the couple, the tribe, humanity grow and expand. Survival chances are also higher.

Here is a little side comment … as evolution was so smart to make both genders different and complementary what was the plan with men dying younger than women, who by the way have less genetic diseases than man (when you have two X chromosomes one can replace the bad genes with good ones … while in th XY situation it doesn’t work).

Back to the article … what is , as written, an evolutionary strength is also a daily pain in the a.. when it comes to keep a couple running smoothly. Because both brains diverge so much …

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