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[:en]Relationships can be challenging, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already know that.

There are obstacles at each stage. In the beginning you are getting to know each other, learning the communication cues that will be important in the coming years. In the middle years you’ll be faced with raising children, growing businesses or careers and increasing income. In the later years the house will be empty and you’ll be forced to get to know each other all over again.

But, through each of the stages in life, support is one of the factors that will your relationship strong and stable.

You might not agree with what’s happened in your partner’s life, but you should always be on his side. Your guys boss may have passed him over for promotion that another employee deserved more, but he needs to know that you are on his side and will support him as he continues to work his way up the ladder in the corporate world. She may have had a riff with her best friend in which she said something inappropriate, but the only way that she’ll learn what she did wrong is AFTER she knows that you support her and want only the best for HER even at the expense of losing that other friendship.

You must each be able to count on each other through thick and thin. There will be times when you don’t agree at ALL with your partner’s decision but it is NOT the time to tell them.

Instead, you must help them feel supported and justified in your eyes, before they’ll be ready to hear your ideas or your opinion.

This doesn’t mean that you must say, “You are RIGHT!” but it does mean that you should hear them out. Listen to the situation from their eyes and let them know that you support them no matter what happened and what they’ve done.

At some time in your relationship your partner will say or do something to someone else that you really don’t agree with. It’s at this time that your relationship and support will be tested. You must rise to the occasion or it will be the only thing your partner remembers when they think about your support of them.

Listen to what they say and let them know that you do support them. Most often, after the heat of the situation is over, people do understand and hear themselves talking about what they did and know that what they did was wrong.

They need to know that you still love them and support them so they can get past their pride and admit their mistake.

Be You, Be Two, Be New

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