[:en]What Men Look for In a Relationship: Humor & Intelligence[:]

[:en]In the field of single people, both men and woman want to know what the opposite sex is looking for in a relationship.

It’s not a smart decision to change your personality for one person, but it is a smart decision to know what the end goal is and how to get there. Over the years the reasons why these traits are important have changed. People are no longer separated by towns or cities. We are connected by the speed of a digital world. We get our food from the market and don’t go out to hunt and gather. In fact, even Amazon has gotten in to the mix delivering groceries.

Two of the traits that most men value in a woman is humor and intelligence.

They may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but they aren’t.

Intelligent, self-sufficient women are able to appreciate the humor in their men while differentiating between that aimed AT them and that aimed FOR them. Some men don’t enjoy or want to be with a woman who is intellectually superior. It’s easier for the man to be in control when he can control the conversation or knows that he’s intellectually superior.

It’s a psychological advantage only because unless the abilities of two people are very different, higher intelligence doesn’t really give them a better advantage or increase the respect they get from their women.

Although men enjoy being dominant they still want the women they spend time with to be intelligent and enjoy their sense of humor. Women don’t have to be the comedians but should be able to appreciate the humor of others, especially their men.

Most men also enjoy women who can be playful and don’t take themselves too seriously.

One of the things that bond people and drives a deeper connection is play and humor. Being playful means being active and using action. Men are creatures of action and movement. They love to play sports and watch sports. You develop deeper bonds and create better relationships when you enjoy experiences with your man and not over the things you say to them.

When you’re together, women can insert a little competitiveness, sarcasm and teasing in their conversations. This just ramps up the feelings, attractiveness and engagement.

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