Get More! from Your Parter!

Men don't come from Mars, Women don't come from Venus! Both come from a cave and have complementary brains! 

You can Get More! from your couple when you know how your partner's brain works! Don't worry the heavy lifting has been made for you! Keep reading to Learn more!

Brain Facts - just a few

Brain Fact #1

Female and male brains don't handle language in the same area of the brain. Female brains use most of the cortex, male ones only the left part. That's why she is using a more "generic" vocabulary than him.

Brain Fact #2

Dark chocolate triggers the same brain receptors as the ones activated by drugs, called the cannabinoid receptors. Champagne works well on the male brain.

Brain fact #3

Wondering why men mostly never talk when "doing it"? That's because language and "sex focus" are located in the same area of the male brain. To make him last longer ask him to talk.

Brain fact #4

Memorisation is the combination of emotion and repetition. Wonder why women remember all the dates and men none? That's because the female brain handles emotions better than the male one. 
The Neuro Couple System will teach you many more and how to use them for You to Get More! Keep Reading ...
Your happiness in in your brain!

No more Break-Ups, Therapy, Long Arguments

  • Male and Female brains are different due to the Human species evolution. You HAVE TO know them to be/stay happy in your relationship!
  • Psychology, psychanalyse is painful as you have to expose yourself to a stranger trying to access your thoughts. What if you could learn what really drives your partner's decisions? And how to drive those?
  • What if you could use simple techniques derived from the latest neuroscience daily and Get More! from your partner?

You and NeuroCouple

  • Until now your only solutions to save you from your couple were: read many psychology couple books, test the concepts, try to persuade your partner to do the same or find a divorce lawyer!
  • You also had the option to listen to your family or best friends all suggesting that you have to "change", adapt to keep your partner!
  • ENOUGH! Be YOU! Be TWO! Be NEW! With the NeuroCouple system designed just for YOU! 
Become a Couple Warrior!

Time for your happiness

  • Be You! You are the key element to all your relationships. People like and love you for who you are. Over the time you are getting more and more pressure to change, to become someone else to please them all. Should you? No!Learn how you can use your brain to stay who you are and still have successful relationships! Become a Couple Warrior!
  • Be Two! Humans are a social specie and as such always seek people to be with and to share their life with. It's already tough to be in friendly relationships as you all have your own history and memories. But being in a couple is the ultimate challenge that 70% fail!What if you could belong to the 30% elite ?What if you could become a Couple Warrior
  • Be New! Taking massive action to reach your happiness is what people like you do! You deserve to be a Couple Warrior! Every step in life starts with a new learning! You will find here all the knowledge you need to grow as a person and as a Couple Warrior!

Your Benefits with NeuroCouple

  • You will be back to your true-self:
    When you start a relationship it is because of who you are. Why change then? You can be you and use the brain to handle your relationships.
  • Using the way the brain reacts and takes decisions will help you be perceived as the one to be and share with .
  • Your reputation, your pleasure, your knowledge, yourself, by using the power of brain science .
  • You will become a Couple Warrior
You will Get More!

what people say

What People say about NeuroCouple

I am a Neuro Couple Group member for 3 weeks now, the group was funded by Thomas who I know for some years. His passion for neurosciences made him decide to share his knowledge for the couple. As much as we get taught a lot during childhood, as much we know nothing about the couple … and this is where Neuro Couple helps … couples but also singles. Neuro Couple gives us the keys to this mystery: the couple, for both men and women. Aside the knowledge, the personal thinking “of course, that’s it!” (getting conscious of one’s own mistakes), Neuro Couple shares this knowledge in a friendly and happy way …


Joining Neuro Couple was a nice surprise to me. The way ideas, information, stories are mixed and communicated in different steps makes not only very friendly the reading, but the stronger the understanding of the topics themselves. It is up to me to translate those tips and readings, into a more effective approach and behaviour towards my mate. I will keep entering the group every evening, because I found out that is much more worth to, than I expected when I joined.


Living for 25 years my couple life while always asking myself the same questions to improve the relationship has been mi daily trouble till I found how useful the Neuro Couple is. Yes, this group has helped me on many levels. Thanks to its concise content, the self-explanatory videos, the group has started to answer some of the many questions I was asking myself about my couple’s well-being and what the best way to handle difficult times, for both partners. As surprising as this can sound, this group, thanks to the ideas and advice it provides helped me also to answer questions I never even asked myself. This group, funded by Thomas is also bilingual (French and English), which I appreciate.



Your mom, family, friends are always telling you that you can save your couple by changing, by being another person, and you believed them? THINK AGAIN!

"I told you so! I told you that this isn't the right partner for you" ... "If you don't make the effort and change, your couple will break-up!" ... "You never listen to me, you don't hear me, I want a divorce" ... and this could go on and on and on.

A Look Inside the "Get More! Love, Freedom, Sex in Your Couple" Book





Your Brain

  • Why male and female brains aren't equals: Evolution has formatted the human brain based on the role of each gender in the growth of humanity. Sounds great? Almost ... because evolution, for the brain, stopped 100.000 years ago ... oooops!
  • How these differences are impacting your life: as much rational as you can be ... your couple life is still impacted by old primal processes that are driving your behaviours and killing your couple .... the solution to become a winner are listed in your book.
  • How can you Get More! in your relationship? The answer is this one: use your brains! Yours and your partner's ... but use them at their most primal level ... at the level that runs human relationships!
    In fact stop thinking and start acting like a Caveman!

Hi, I'm Dr Thomas Trautmann. It's great to see you!

Welcome to the NeuroCouple system! I have developed it to help all the people who want to be happy in their couple. The Brain being a passion I have compiled for you the latest brain science. No need to spend painful hours with psychiatrists, couple coaches who use old fashinoed methods (why do you think those guys make so much money? No need to go to some expensive divorce lawyer.

Your smile is my fuel! Use the NeuroCouple system and start smiling again!

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